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Welcome to the WAM! homepage. Many years ago there was a series on the popular Disney Afternoon lineup entitled Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers featuring five main characters. Chip and Dale were chipmunks from the old Disney shorts. Gadget was a brilliant inventor mouse and the most popular character on the series. Zipper was a useful, speedy housefly often used by the team for surveillance work and bugle calls. And last, but not least, there was the indomitable, ubiquitous, cheese-obsessed, gregarious Monterey Jack, Australian explorer mouse and general muscleman of the Rangers.

Fast forward to twenty years later. Although the show itself was only recently released on DVD, for years the online fan base has been growing and thriving, and is now enormous. Dozens of fan sites litter the Internet. Some of these are general fansites, others focus on author-created fan characters, still others mostly on Gadget. As a Montyphile peruses these sites, however, he/she may wonder where all the Monterey Jack fan work is located. The answer is: there is none. Or, more precisely, very little. While the occasional Monterey Jack picture crops up, it is usually as a group shot of the Rangers, and the majority of fanfics only include Monterey because he was in the Rangers to begin with, and he is relegated to the background.

This website was started by Jeff Parkes, founding member of WAM!, to acknowledge the big mouse with the large attitude, and to show people out there that maybe this guy is more interesting than people think he is.

Winner of the prestigious 2005 Golden Acorn Award for "Best Layout!"

Winner of the prestigious 2005 Golden Acorn Award for Best Layout!

Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Monterey Jack, and all related material are copyrighted (c) Disney and used without permission.
The WAM! logo was made with a picture by Matt Plotecher and used with permission.
Special thanks to Ruslan for some of the screencaps.

Jeff’s Ranger Code: RRC+ R(40%) P+ TH(A;X;Dr;Hu+;Mu;My;P+;Su) ME>++ I+ CR Cc d+m++fc+rc– Ecd+g++m+z-f– D+ M++ Zm+ GH+ L Gb(43%) Pcd

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Looks awesome Jeff! Nice to see the old website finally get a facelift! Although truthfully, it was ok the way it was too. 😉

Comment by CrashBurn

Hey jeff.

It’s nice to see a website focusing on Monty, rather than Gadget for a change 🙂

I really like this website, very good job.

Comment by Fat Cat


Comment by Bingo

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