The World Association of Montyphiles


The Spy Who Loved Monty – A tale of love and loss. This reveals a bit more of Monty’s travelling days and explains where his cheese attacks originated. Rated PG by the authors for suggestive and intense content.
By Indy and Chris Silva.

My Dinner with Monty – Monty goes to a snobby French restaurant, where he shows that he’s neither snobby nor French.
By Matt Plotecher.

Chariots of Fur – Chip and Dale get in over their head when Monty has them enter a decathalon.
By Matt Plotecher.

Trite Fright Night – Dale tells a tale of utter horror. Well, he tells a tale of something or other anyway.
By Matt Plotecher.

“The Ranger” – A song parody of “The Gambler,” by Kenny Rogers and Don Schlitz.
By Rennod.

Duos, Part One – An excellent illustrated story regarding some of Monty’s history and traveling days with Geegaw. In PDF format.
By Jon Lemerond.

“Monterey Jack is Waiting” – A song parody of “Robert De Niro’s Waiting” by Bananarama.
By Midnight Man.

Monty’s Summer Road Trip 2006: Upstate New York Odyssey – A photo-journal. Monterey Jack gets lost in Upstate New York and ends up taking the grand tour, with his pal Mr. Spumoni.
By Mr. Spumoni.

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