The World Association of Montyphiles

What Can I Do?

Attention: All Montyphiles!

As the founding member of the World Association of Montyphiles, I ask that you stand up for this Australian mouse and get him the recognition he deserves! To recognize the bellicose rodent and show to the world that you, too, are a Montyphile, place one of these GIFs on your website:

Small animated GIF:

Larger banner GIF:

You can either link them to this site, or not at all. It doesn’t matter, as long as people know that you are a Montyphile.

You can also cook up a batch of Walnut Walleroos, Cheese Chowder, Cheese Flapjacks, or even an Australian Cheesecake.

Contributors wanted!

If you have any (reasonable) pictures or fanfics featuring Monterey Jack I would like to host them here. If you have anything like an Monterey Jack essay or general rambling, I’d like to host those as well. If you have a work that you would like recognized here (banner, logo, etc. for the WAM! cause), please drop me a line, and I’ll make sure that it is included on this site.

Thanks to all those who have contributed!

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hi my name is Sofy 🙂 i love Monterey Jack and im wondering if there is any way i can follow this site? kinda like if its updating any new pictures and i can get like a email to get to know it?

Comment by Sofy

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