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This is where you can find official information regarding Monterey Jack.

Official Writers’ Guide info
taken from the CDRR Bible and Writers Guide, December 8, 1987, by Walt Disney Pictures

MONTEREY JACK is the raucous, backslapping musclemouse of the Rescue Rangers, a gung-ho guy not fond of subtle tactics and strategies. He’d just as soon plow through a wall as open a door, and a fight just isn’t “sporting” unless he’s overwhelmingly outnumbered. This philosophy puts him at friendly odds with Chip, who tries to keep the chaos to a minimum when on a mission. Dale, on the other hand, is just his sort of chum — ready to try anything for the sheer excitement of it.

Monterey has a touch of an Australian accent but really has an international background. He’s something of an globe hopping demolitions expert. He’s willing to tear down, blow up, smash aside, or plow through any obstacle in pursuit of his culinary weakness, cheese. When he smells cheese his eyes glaze over, his whiskers twitch, and he whispers in a guttural tone, “Chuh-eeez-uh!” Unfortunately, many times his “cheesetooth” works against him; he might wander off in the middle of a fight if there’s the scent of muenster in the air. He can actually float into air, in a sort of cheese generated weightlessness, as he follows the scent to its source. In the police station where the Rescue Rangers frequently pick up information, Monterey is recognized on sight as “that mouse.” In a running gag, the cops constantly set out traps, which he delights in outwitting.

His search for the perfect cheese has taken him all around the world. He’s always ready with a tall tale of the exotic adventures he’s had in far-off lands and the colorful characters he’s run up against. “…He’s not so tough. Now I knew a one-eyed gerbil, Ol’ Scab Ear McCur, who skinned cats with a living cobra whip. He was tough. Met up with him in Singapore where…” Of course, we never let him finish these stories. He’s always distracted, attacked or called to action. He also claims to have picked up a lot of expertise on his world travels including fluency in just about any language, human or animal. Unfortunately, his education is always half remembered but he’d rather fake his way through a situation than admit ignorance.

He has a mistrust of Gadget’s inventions, especially the ones that fly, float, or go fast, but when push comes to shove, he’d never want to hurt her feelings. Once it becomes obvious that the racecar, submarine, or whatever actually works, he gets into the spirit and is liable to take over the controls.

Monterey Jack seems practically indestructible at times but has an ingrained uneasiness about one thing. Cats. He can handle kittens or old and feeble felines, but a cat in his prime is not someone he will trust. And, if he finds himself in the midst of great numbers of cats, he might turn into a basket-case. But it’s not a debilitating phobia; he can overcome it if someone he cares about is in danger.

Entry from the Encyclopedia of Walt
Disney’s Animated Characters, 3rd edition

by John Grant

Monterey Jack (voiced by Jim Cummings, as are Fat Cat, Wart, Professor Nimnul, and others) is the second of Chip and Dale’s two important sidekicks [the first being Gadget]. A bellicose mouse from Australia, he is considerably larger and beefier than any of the others. He has an overwhelming passion for cheese, the scent of which can send him floating uncontrollably across the floor, his eyes lost in trance. He is also swift to anger whenever he feels that a slight has been cast on either his own honor or that of any of the gang members; a characteristic photograph would show him, moustaches a-bristle, rolling up his sleeves preparatory to doing battle (or attempting to–usually his colleagues succeed in quelling his ambitions) with a vastly larger and/or more powerful adversary. Monte[sic]–as the others generally call him–is also a fund of
reminiscences about his experiences in exotic faraway lands, anecdotes which his colleagues usually cut off with indecent haste as soon as he has begun; we sense that the stories are both improbable and well-worn. His language is peppered with marvelous pseudo-Australianisms: “Stripe me starkers!” is a personal favorite.

More info from Tad Stones

In February 2006, Tad Stones, creator of the Rescue Rangers, was asked various questions by Rangerphiles from the Acorn Cafe. Here are some of his questions and answers specifically relating to Monty.

Q: Where did the idea of Monterey Jack come from, how was he to write for (especially compared to the other Rangers), and do you have any other info on him? And why did he have two voice actors?

A: We just wanted to throw a bigger than life, wild man into the mix, one whose backstory was very different than the others. We probably did a miserable job of writing Austrailian. We just threw Crikey, mate and reckon into the mix. The actor change was because we didn’t think we were getting enough humor out of the reads.

Q: If you could spin just one character off into a new series, which one would you chose and what sort of show would it be?

A: Monty, I guess. Comedy adventure of him helping animals out around the world… and half the time making things worse. Just off the top of my head.

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I agree that Monterey Jack should have had his own spin-off. There’s just so much backstory and comedic potential from it. Oh, well…

Comment by phillyfoodie85

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